Services and Pricing

Individual Walks

Sometimes dogs prefer to walk in their own space at their own pace. Our individual walks are stimulating and enjoyable and include exploration of your own local ares. Your dog benefits from our individual attention. If you prefer your dog to be walked on their own, please book an individual walk. A wash down and towel dry as necessary is included.

Price: £12 – 1 hour

Group Walks

For a stimulating and social environment, our group walks are perfect. We explore various, safe localities matching your dog into a compatible group. Group walks are never more than four dogs to ensure all dogs get the attention they deserve. A wash down and towel dry as necessary is included.

Price: £10 per walk

Home Visits

We provide home visits from the youngest to the eldest to give you peace of mind and your dogs a well deserved break during the day. These visits can include play time, short walks, feeding etc. we are happy to discuss the content of these visits with you. A wash down and towel dry is included with short walks if necessary.

Price: £8 per visit

Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care gives your dog company, relieves boredom and anxiety and also gives you peace of mind when you are otherwise occupied during the day. During the day your dog will receive attention in a stimulating home environment, love, exercise, feeding and an extended walk.

Price: £20 per day

Holiday Care

Treat your dog to a holiday of their own. Whether you travel for extended periods of time or prefer weekend breaks, we offer home from home comforts for your dog in a loving and family environment. Your dog will receive daily walks, loving care and a warm, cozy home environment in which to sleep. Our care can be tailored to meet your needs.

Price: £25 per night

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